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Solid Work, Fluid Thought

Appnomic is a vibrant environment with a team of enthusiastic professionals driven to innovate and re-invent technology. As a close-knit group, we foster a transparent workplace environment.

People take center-stage. Ideas are pitched openly while the feedback system is clear and continuous. The leadership regularly convenes with the tech and dev teams to ease the flow between ideas and solution delivery.

We believe in the little moments. Our employee engagement programs blur the lines between employees, teams and management.

When you look up from your desk, you can catch a broad range of activities unfolding across the floor; stand-ups, tech connect sessions and whiteboard discussions for solution-building, pop-quizzes, dumb charades and foosball battles are always around the corner; bringing out the fun side of everyone involved!

Our cutting edge technology is like no other

Our product’s core philosophy is self-healing, which is a completely new and exciting field to be in. No matter which part of the product you get to work on, you will be given an introduction to the ML that is powering Self Healing Enterprise.

Build and enhance a disruptive and category-defining AI product
A lot of the work we do extensively uses technologies like Flink, Cassandra, RabbitMQ, Python and Machine Learning (AI), and exposure to these technologies is key in developing skills essential to Artificial Intelligence.

Interact, develop to deliver cutting edge solutions for global customers
Experience environments as diverse as on-premise/monolithic, public/private cloud, edge computing and containerized/VM-based, creating an opportunity to master new skills in the DevOps and Cloud worlds and work with customers across the globe and solve real world problems.

Coaching, mentoring and career enhancing culture
Our team is empowered to take decisions solving problems in the context of the business. Our culture of openness, collaboration and empowerment lays the foundations for career growth and independent thinking.

Opportunity to work and grow in a fast-paced environment
Each of our customers is unique and each deployment brings with it a unique set of challenges which we address thanks to the flexibility, configurability and adaptability with which our product has been designed. We operate at a quick pace and stay one step ahead of the game being disruptors in our domain with our game-changing, self-healing product.

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Internal career

Business skills to remain innovative and competitive in the face of automation

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