Elevate your digital services with Appnomic

Our AIOps enabled APM technologies adopt a proactive approach to learn, identify, predict, and auto-remediate performance anomalies across the technology stack.

Making IT operations autonomous with predictive and preventive intelligence

Alert fatigue and an excessive operational noise can divert attention from the root cause of a system failure. Appnomic leverages AIOps enabled APM models to identify behaviour patterns in your application stack and auto-remediate to prevent outages.

Reduce operational noise –
distinguish incidents from
alerts for a more targeted

Early Warning Alerts™ –
system eliminate sudden
outages through foresight.

No business outages –
keep your application on at all

Versatile use across
industries – use performance
specific parameters for
uninterrupted delivery.

Easy visualization of
processes – customizable
dashboards display
Application flow maps and
Transaction flow paths.

Find and implement the resolution independently.

Typical Returns of Appnomic Customers


reduction in false positive
alerts and dev time invested
in problem support


reduction in


conversion lift


reduction in issues leading
to service cost reduction