Autonomic IT Operations


Standard Pack

Agents to collect transaction data using wire sniffing or log files, and monitoring agents for basic infrastructure components

Deep Dive Pack

Deep dive agents for Java Server and advanced SQL level monitor for DB Servers

Cloud Packs

API-based agents for top cloud foundries including Kubernetes and Pivotal

Pre Built ISV Packs

Pre-built packs to integrate seamlessly with popular BFSI software including Finacle, Flex and SAP

Collection APIs

Workload API
Workload API

Source transaction metrics and trace information from any tool

Behavior API
Behavior API

Source KPI data from other infrastructure monitoring tools

Log API (Ingest/Scan)

Convert contextual information from log files into KPIs that can be processed by the platform

Topology API

Import topology details from Cloud Foundry or other discovery tools


Appnomic Machine Learning Engine


AppsOne’s Cognitive Engine continuously correlates and analyzes Workload and Behavior Signatures across your environment/ through cross-tier intelligence to deliver seamless operations.

Usage Analyzer

Detects any abnormal or previously unseen mix of transactions

Problem Detector

Isolates faulty components through continuous analysis across the mesh of internal services

Problem Predictor

Determines if an anomaly in an underlying component could grow to impact end user transactions

Capacity Forecaster

Uses historic Signatures to generate smart capacity plans for a given workload forecast

Batch Job Analyzer

Forecasts problems in long running batch jobs

Flow Funnel Analyzer

Finds the poorest performing steps in mult-step user flows

Change Impact Analyzer

Compares performance before and after a change in microservices is rolled out

Machine Learning Workbench API

Tune pre-baked Machine Learning modules or create new modules


Early Warning Alerts System

Get proactive alerts on dynamically baselined anomalies well-ahead of a possible outage

Reduce Mean Time to Isolate

AppsOne directs you to the heart of the abnormality in your system fast, allowing you to quickly remediate the issue

Symptom vs Root Cause

Sometimes you treat the symptom of a problem alone. AppsOne analyzes all existing symptoms to accurately identify the root cause

Action API
Action API

Trigger auto-remedial actions to manage service performance through forensic and scripted actions such as –


Restrict the number of transactions allowed during spikes in workload


During times of heavy workload, certain transactions are moved to temporary zones

Smart Scaling
Smart Scaling

Scale only the required microservices for changes in specific transaction types


Incisive Intelligence in a Single Pane of Glass
Generate stunning reports
Reporting API
Reporting API

Extract historical data on transactions and KPIs for custom reporting or ITSM integrations

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