CEO Today magazine featured Appnomic and published an interview with  Paddy Padmanabhan, Founder & Chairman and Nitin Kumar, CEO of Appnomic. Paddy and Nitin shared their views on various topics. Here are the highlights:

Vision and market opportunity

Our founder Paddy came to know the reasons for application performance and outages are rarely code-centric. He, then, set himself to look for not only the possible solution that lasts long but also to completely avert the problems before they even occur.

That’s how the quest for autonomous IT operations, an AI-based solution was started with the vision of providing self-healing enterprise. This system is based on a machine-learning algorithm that could take cognitive actions to resolve the upcoming problems in applications.

In the IT operations market, we believe that we are in generation four where there exist complex APIs, interfaces that are managed by external partnerships. We visualize that workload centric view is indispensable which will go through signatures and process the workload in parts or whole wherever it is needed that’s why we bring a top-down approach and use workload centric view ideas in resolving the issues.

Another reason that makes Appnomic unique is that it uses a predictive approach by taking the real data and makes a solution ahead of the time that enables an autonomous enterprise system. This method will make the system quite efficient in knowing the problems and self-heal them.

Our forward-looking approach is based on artificial intelligence and machine learning which are matchless in making predictions.

Appnomic powers Self Healing Enterprise

Digital businesses who include various connecting providers, payment gateways and buyers and involves several orders, transactions, etc face problems such as slow-down application performance, downtime or breakdown that can cause them a severe loss of customers in this competitive market. These businesses need a system that can prevent problems before they occur.

Our software helps businesses by delivering outcomes through predictive measures. Appnomic makes applications run smoothly by using descriptive ontology that spreads the data on the entire application platform to act proactively.

Appnomic makes it possible for digital enterprises to gain unified visibility across the stack of the application, not just a single parameter as well as get benefits of optimized operations and smooth system that boosts their service levels and market availability.


We have already achieved a milestone of breaking away from traditional monitoring and reporting models and working on analyzing the data through AI and ML algorithms to make system self-healing. Plus, we are managing the integration of various tools and elements involved in application systems to enable fast transactions.

What we dream next would be a big step in the field of AI and that is to make the system from human-assisted automation to fully autonomous implementations. We are optimistic about achieving this goal as we see increasing interest from enterprises as well as multiple partners to leverage our IP.


Read the full interview on CEO Today website;  Hall of fame Q&A with Appnomic’s Paddy Padmanabhan and Nitin Kumar.



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